Whistler's Tune

Welcome to "Whistler's Tune." I have written/chosen the articles below expressly to aid the beleaguered reader in his escape from legalism (as typified by the teachings of Herbert Armstrong), and to help in establishing an ongoing, living relationship with Jesus Christ. Hopefully my 33 years under the cruel taskmaster of Armstrongism have given me some insights that can be useful in helping others. I believe that you will find these articles inspiring and liberating!

I have also included some practical info (learned the hard way!) and some humor that I have collected over the past years (see articles #29, #46, #47 & #48). A good laugh beats a good cry any day!

Comments? Suggestions? I'd really enjoy hearing from you. Until I do, here's whistlin' at ya! ;o)

01. Faulty Feastkeeping 09. Which OT Laws to Obey?(1) 17. Darwinism - the Devil's Gospel 25. Is Tithing a New Covenant Command?
02. "3 Days & 3 Nights" Explained 10. Which OT Laws to Obey? (2) 18. True Meaning of the Sabbath 26. The #1 Prayer Request
03. Dankenbring's "Tassel Hassle" 11. Do We Hate HWA & His Followers? 19. Is Easter Pagan? 27. Excellent free PDF book downloads: www.raisinghellbook.com / www.hopebeyondhell.net
04. Examining HWA & His Teachings 12. Regaining Sanity After WCG 20. How Could We Have Believed...? 28. Sexuality & the Kingdom of God (We Were Made for Ecstasy!)
05. The 6 Pack of Misused Scriptures 13. Response to a Letter 21. Ten Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed & Answered 29. Eat to Live (Non-religious Version of Article #26)
06. Christ & the Law 14. Christmas - Adore or Abhor? 22. How HWA Did it 30. From David Robinson's "Tangled Web": Chapter 20, entitled "Incest"
07. Law vs. Grace 15. Atheists Beware! 23. Eternal Security (Once we're saved, are we always saved?) 31. Why Christians Believe in the Trinity
08. Form Over Substance: A Modern-day Feast Story 16. Is Sunday Worship Pagan? 24. COG Splits...Predicted 32. Garner Ted Armstrong's Finest Hour - Cut Short!
33. Who is the Antichrist? 37. Are We Living in "The Last Days"? 41. 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday - and Why the Truth is So Much Better 45. Inspiring Tear-Jerkers / Eight Short Stories
34. What on Earth are We Here for? 38. Critique of David Pack's "Sabbath or Sunday, Which?" 42. The Coconut Oil Miracle 46. Health-Related Articles (Last Updated: June 19, 2007)
35. Are the Ten Commandments Overrated? 39. Lazarus & the Rich Man - the Parable Explained 43. Serrapeptase: The Amazing Natural Enzyme that Could Save Your Life! 47. Non-Religious: Other Useful Topics (Last Updated: Mar 28, 2006)
36. A Tale of Two Churches (My very first article) 40. The Problem with the Secret Rapture 44. The Cancer Hoax 48. 1001 Clean Laughs & Points to Ponder (Last Updated: Sept 17, 2009)